Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Joe Fresh's Fall/Winter Beauty Collection

Over the past few years, I've tried dozens, maybe even hundreds, of beauty products. But for some crazy reason, I've never tried out any of the makeup items made by Canada's own Joe Fresh. But I intend to change that because their new fall/winter beauty collection looks really intriguing.

As any regular reader knows, I'm a sucker for matte products so the new Matte Primer and the Matte Sheer Tint (available in four shades) have caught my eye. Both products are also available in a non-matte version, for those of you who like to "glow."

A number of eye shadows are also available in colours that you're likely to wear every day (so no, this isn't the line to turn to if you want something in a blue or a bright purple). The shadows appear to come in a cream formula and a powder one with the former being sold in single formats and the latter in a trio pack. The Eye Shadow Trio is Gold Rush is looking good to me though the last thing I need is another gold-tinged eye product. Still...

Other available products include cream blushes, eye liners in a variety of not just colour but also formats, lip liners, various types of powders, several kinds of brow grooming and tinting products, mascaras, liquid concealers and bronzers. Yep, there's a lot of choice.

In addition to new products, all the packaging has been redesigned, giving this line a sleek look that I think should also be pretty practical.

As one would expect with anything produced by Joe Fresh, the prices on these products are low. That primer I'm looking at is only $12 (and the highest priced item in the collection) while that eye shadow trio is $8. The $8 price point seems to be the most common number while some items, like the blushes and single-format eye shadows are only $6. With prices like those, it's easy to give this line a shot.

Joe Fresh's Fall/Winter Beauty Collection hits stores in mid-September and will be available at Real Canadian Superstores in addition to Joe Fresh shops.

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