Monday, September 28, 2015

NARS Satin Lip Pencil

This year's Sephora VIB birthday was two deluxe size samples of NARS' Lip Pencil. When I first heard that, back at the start of the year, I felt a touch disappointed because I don't really need anymore lip products. Then summer rolled around and I received my sample box, which contained one Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien (a "rose-pink")  and one in Velvet Lip Pencil in Cruella (a "scarlet red").

While I haven't gotten much use out of the Velvet Lip Pencil, as the colour is bit intense for my pasty skin (and so this review is not about it), I absolutely love the Satin Lip Pencil. As per NARS' own suggestion, I use it as an "all-over lip color" (though it can also be used as a lip liner or paired with another lip product). The pencil's "rich, color-bright pigments" are a slightly darker, more vivid version of my natural lip colour and because of that, this shade is very flattering on me. It's pretty much the perfect day-colour for my complexion and because of that, I consider it a "must-have."

Besides making my lips look amazing, this pencil also feels great on my lips. According to NARS, the Satin Lip Pencils contain a "vitamin-enriched formula" that supposedly "drench (lips) in decadent moisture." I completely agree with this claim as my lips felt like butter as soon as I applied this product. While that buttery feeling didn't last too long (not quite an hour), even after it had faded away, my lips still felt soft and smooth.

Unfortunately, this product's colour didn't have any similar lingering after-effects. While it initially started off with just the right intensity, the colour slowly but steadily faded until, after a couple of hours, it was completely gone. Eating and/or drinking sped up the disappearing act. Because of this, I have to disagree with NARS' claim that this product is "long-wearing."

Thankfully, the Satin Lip Pencil is a breeze to apply thanks to its crayon-like shape. It's also the perfect purse product, as its sleek-but-durable packaging means that it travels lightly and mess-free.

Retailing for $32, this isn't a cheap product but the results are so fantastic that I think it's well worth the money. The Satin Lip Pencil is available in fourteen different shades that range from a "light beige nude" to a "dark aubergine," meaning that there is likely a colour that works for you.

Would I buy this product: Yes!

Should you buy this product: Yes!

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