Friday, October 9, 2015

Curl Keeper Leave-in Conditioner

I'm not sure why I received this product in my Topbox since my profile states that I have straight hair. But since I did end up with it, I decided to give it a shot. After all, it did promise to leave my hair "...feeling clean, shiny and soft" and who doesn't want that?

Unfortunately, that's not exactly what I got. Curl Keeper claims that this conditioner, "...smoothes rough cuticles that are responsible for frizzy flyaway hair" but I didn't notice any change in my hair's frizziness. Maybe if I had actual curls, the results would have been different but when it came to my straight-hair frizz, this product had zero impact.

What I did get was hair that seemed a bit weighed and almost dirty looking. I did a few split-head tests, where half of my hair received the leave-in conditioner and the other half got a few sprays of OGX's Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil, and the results were pretty clear: This product isn't for me.

Curl Keeper also states that this conditioner, "... is non-greasy curly hair product that never builds up." While it doesn't feel greasy nor did it leave my hair looking greasy, I do think it left build-up, which would explain the limp, heavy look that it gave me.

At least this conditioner did leave my hair feeling soft and it did add some shine. It was also easy to use and didn't have a weird scent.

While I have received Curl Keeper products in two different beauty sample boxes (the other time was in a Luxe Box), I've never seen it in-stores. The brand does though have an extensive ecommerce site, which offers the conditioner in four different sizes.

It's actually not a badly priced product, $12 USD gets you 100ml, though the packaging is a bit cheap. The conditioner comes in your typical plastic squeeze bottle but for an extra few bucks, you can upgrade to a pump-style top. Why not just charge another dollar or so and include the pump top on all of the bottles?

Would I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: Maybe if you have naturally curly hair. But if you don't, pass on it.

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