Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NeoStrata Moisture Infusion Hydrating Cream

I can't even begin to guess how many different products I've used in an attempt to reduce or at least prevent forehead lines (that's the only part of my face that seems to age). Generally the results haven't been impressive. Then, back in July, I started using NeoStrata's Moisture Infusion Hydrating Cream as my night cream and since then I swear that that my forehead lines have looked consistently plumped.

According to NeoStrata, this cream is, "Ideal for replenishing skin's moisture. The skin is softer, more comfortable and supple." I couldn't agree more. This product left my face feeling and looking hydrated, healthy and smooth.

This cream achieves these results due to its inclusion of, "Shea butter, glycerin and petrolatum." I know that some people don't uh, approve of ingredients like glycerin and petrolatum but you know what, glycerin is an amazing and effective moisturizer and petrolatum (better known as Vaseline) is pretty good as well. Just don't eat this product or inject it into your bloodstream.

While I'm using this as a night cream, you can use it as a day cream as well. However, it doesn't contain a SPF (though you could easily add one in when applying this product).

It does however absorb quickly and cleanly, leaving behind a healthy, non-shiny glow. This cream also has a mild, traditional, "cream" scent that I quite like and that I think most people will, at minimum, be able to tolerate.

Retailing for around $30, this product isn't cheap however, given its effectiveness, I think it is fairly priced. I just wish that it came in pump bottle instead of its current open-mouth jar design. Still, it just works so well that I can overlook this flaw.

Will I buy this product: Yes!

Should you buy this product: Yes!

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