Monday, January 11, 2016

Lise Watier Lift & Firm 3D Duo Serum 24 Hrs Review

Sometimes I try out products that aren't intended for my skin type because I think that maybe, just maybe, they will benefit me in some way. That was the situation with Lise Watier's Lift & Firm 3D Duo Serum 24 Hrs. This is actually two different serums, one for night and one for day. As the name suggests, both serums aim to work together to lift and firm sagging skin.

"Facial contours are visibly sculpted, skin’s density and firmness is visibly improved and skin looks smoother and more supple," claims Lise Waiter. The nighttime serum supposedly, "regenerates all night long to visibly firm the skin" while the daytime serum delivers an, "instant lifting effect" and "forms an invisible mesh on the skin’s surface for a visibly firmer appearance throughout the day."

I don't have sagging skin but I do have some fine lines that need smoothing and could always do with a boost to my skin's suppleness so I tried out a deluxe sample of this product to see if it could deliver any benefits to me. Containing an exclusive ingredient called DermEnergy Complex, this product is rich in glucose, copper and two amino acids that Lise Watier says, "improves skin’s firmness and elasticity." Sounds good to me.

Both serums absorbed quickly and easily into my skin and didn't leave behind any shininess, texture or even scent. Unfortunately, they also didn't leave behind any positive results. During the two weeks I used this product, my fine lines didn't diminish, nor did my skin become more supple or smooth.

I suppose this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. While this item's product page does state that it leaves, "skin look(ing) smoother, more supple," the real focus of the serums is to lift and firm skin. And since my skin's already firm, I didn't see any improvements in that area.

While the results of this product didn't impress me, I do really like the packaging. It's basically a pump bottle that's comprised of two different compartments, one for each serum. This design results in one clean, convenient container and keeps the serum safe from damaging air and dirty fingers.

Given this product's high price tag of $78, it's nice to see that the serums come in smart, practical packaging that also doesn't look too bad. It's just a shame that it also doesn't fight fine lines, in addition to possibly lifting and firming skin.

Would I buy this product: Nope.

Should you get this product: Only consider it if you have sagging skin and even then, try to get a sample first.

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