Friday, January 8, 2016

Tresemmé Beauty-full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner, Shampoo & Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer

The hair care market is a crowded one. To stand out, brands often push a hot new ingredient. But for its Beauty-full Volume collection, Tresemmé has taken a different approach. Instead of boasting about an exotic oil or a patented molecule, the company has revamped the entire hair washing process.

Instead of the usual shampoo-conditioner-styling product process, this line uses something called the Reserve Wash system, which starts off with the Pre-wash Conditioner. That's then followed by the shampoo and then the process is finished off with the styling product. This approach is supposed to result in "soft, touchable, voluminous hair."

I first heard about the Beauty-full Volume line last month when Topbox let me know that it would be the first collection featured in Topbox's new Glam Sense program. While Topbox is a beauty subscription service, Glam Sense is a product review service in which lucky participants like myself receive free products to try out and blog about.

Glam Sense has requested that each product receive its own specific write-up so since I received three different Beauty-full Volume items, I've created three distinct reviews below.

Pre-wash Conditioner
Soft, full, happy hair.
Since this product is designed to work alongside the Beauty-full Volume shampoo and the Volume &
Softness Hair Maximizer, I'm strictly evaluating it as part of that team. And that team does indeed leave hair soft, volumized and just generally great looking. Want proof? One morning, after using this line, my husband asked me if I had curled my naturally straight and flat hair. I hadn't; what he was noticing was the extra volume that this collection had added to my hair.

According to Tresemmé, this conditioner is, "designed to be used before you shampoo, to leave hair smooth and polished but still full of bounce." If definitely left my hair with bounce though I don't know if I'd said it left my hair looking "smooth and polished." While this line did leave my hair with plenty of body, softness and shine, it didn't fight frizz as well as some other products out there.

It also didn't provide much lather and the scent was a rather non-description though given the results, I can overlook those missing qualities. More impressive is how easily this product rinsed out. I also quite liked that it was packaged in a pump bottle.

Volume Shampoo
Once the Pre-wash Conditioner has "washed away weigh," it's time to use the Volume Shampoo. Tresemmé explains that this approach,"gets (hair) the conditioning it needs to feel smooth and silky, but maintains the bounce it needs to look fabulously full." Based on my results, I say that it's a system that works. My hair definitely looked fuller and bouncy-ier and while I don't know if it was smoother and silkier than before, it certainly had plenty of shine and softness.

Like with the Pre-wash Conditioner, the shampoo didn't produce much lather and was light on scent. But again, given the results, I'm OK with all of that. Unfortunately the shampoo is packaged in just a regular squeeze bottle and not a pump bottle. While giving the Pre-wash conditioner and the shampoo each a distinctive bottle type does help to prevent oops-I-grabbed-the-wrong-bottle mistakes, I would prefer if both products were in easy-to-use pump bottles.

Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer
As Tresemmé points out on this item's product page, "Some volumizing hair products leave hair feeling stiff and sticky." The company claims that the Maximizer doesn't do this; instead it "lets you have hair that’s got bounce and body, but still feels soft." I completely agree with this as I had no issues with stiff, sticky or even greasy hair while I used this collection, even when I used a twoonie-size amount of Maximizer.

The company also claims that this item leaves hair with, "frizz-free smoothness and shine." While using this entire collection did leave me with fairly shiny hair, it wasn't frizz-free. Thankfully, the increase in body helped to hide some of the frizz.

This product has a creamy texture that absorbed quickly and easily into my hair. It was also easy to apply, in part due to its straight-forward squeeze tube packaging.

Would I buy these products: Yeah, I would as the collection left me with great looking hair. As well, I assume that like other Tresemmé products, these ones will all be reasonably priced and available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Should you buy these products: Yes!

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