Monday, January 4, 2016

TheFaceShop Character Mask (Brightening) Review

Today's post is about another product from TheFaceShop, a Korean chain of stores that recently entered the Canadian marketplace and that's still working on its English online presence. Despite my stellar Googling abilities, I can't find anything from TheFaceShop on its Character Mask, and that includes searching the company's main Korean site.

I received this sheet mask in my November Topbox. Based on that, and on the various beauty blog posts I found about this product, it appears that this item is available in TheFaceShop's North American outlets. It's essentially a fun spin on TheFaceShop's existing single-use, sheet mask; that spin being to decorate the mask with a cartoon-like "character" design.

My mask was the Puppy design and it turned out to be cuter in concept than in actuality. As with most (all?) sheet masks, this one went on awkwardly and the design didn't quite fit right. Plus the design is a bit bizarre looking. I actually wasn't going to post the photo below but it's hard to explain this mask without a visual.

In addition to different designs, there are also different versions of this product that target specific skincare concerns. My mask was the Brightening one though according to the back of the package, this item, "...brightens dull skin and leaves it looking and feeling matte." One doesn't usually see brightening and matte claims from the same product so not surprisingly, I found that this mask left my skin with only one of those qualities.

After using this mask, my skin was visibly brighter but it certainly didn't look or feel matte-r. Instead it felt really hydrated and had almost a glow to it.

TheFaceShop claims that this brightening effect is the result of the mask's inclusion of cotton seed extract as an ingredient. It also contains hyaluronic acid (a well-established moisturizer) and collagen and is free of several ingredients, including parabens and talc, that many people dislike. But don't think that this a "natural" product; it's ingredient list is a long one, filled with artificial items.

Together, all those ingredients create a product that does leave skin looking and feeling brighten and hydrated but that also feels cold, slimy and kind of unpleasant to use.  So yeah, I wasn't a big fan of this product even though it did deliver on its main claim.

I'm not sure exactly what this product costs but given that TheFaceShop sells its other sheet masks for around $2 Canadian, I'm guessing that this one is available at a similar price.

Would I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: I could see buying this product as part of a larger gift for someone who might get a laugh out of having a "character" sheet mask. But I wouldn't recommend buying it as something to use yourself.

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