Friday, January 1, 2016

SeaRx Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion Review

Two tubes of SeaRx's Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion were included in my December Topbox and while moisturizers aren't usually products that interest me, this one did. Why? SeaRx and this lotion are brand new to me, which always adds a bit of excitement. I'm also in need of a new facial moisturizer so the timing of this sample was perfect.

SeaRx is a small US brand that is all about "skin care from the sea." All of its products are free of fragrances, "harsh chemicals," parabens and animal testing; they are made with essential oils and "a proprietary blend of quality ingredients." So nothing too new here.

What is new, at least to me, is the use of birch spa as an ingredient. According to SeaRx, the birch sap, along with "minerals, oligoelements, and sugars" work together to "smooth and strengthen skin while providing long lasting moisturizing effects."

That claim is exactly what I experienced while using this lotion. I applied it to my face twice a day, morning and night, for a little over two weeks. During that time my skin looked and felt healthy and hydrated, with no dry patches. And apart from a small, and expected, number of clogged pores, I didn't experience any skin blemishes either. (While I only used the lotion on my face, it can of course be used on one's other body parts).

SeaRx also claims that this product, "maintains a healthy glow while providing a degree of protection from sunlight." While I agree with the "glow" part, the "degree of protection from sunlight" part raises my eyebrows. There's nothing about this lotion containing an SPF and because of that, I think this product should still be paired with a sunscreen for day use.

As I mentioned earlier, SeaRx states that its products don't contain fragrance. I assume that this means added fragrance since this lotion did have a noticeable scent. It's a citrus-y smell that reminded me of grapefruit. I quite liked it but I can see it turning off some people, especially those who want a truly scentless product.

But everyone will love this lotion's texture and absorbency. SeaRx says that it has a "silky-smooth, non-greasy formulation" and I completely agree. This lotion does go on with a light, silky sensation. It also absorbs quickly and left my skin looking glow-y and not greasy.

Overall, I quite liked this lotion however, I don't like how it's only available online and needs to be purchased from a US site (at least from what I can tell). If I'm going to buy something from a US site, it needs to be an amazing product and while this is a good moisturizer, it's not quite amazing.

Then there's the price. A 120 ml bottle retails for $32, which isn't bad until you realize that it's $32 US, which is actually about $44 Canadian. Again, this product isn't amazing enough to justify that number.

Would I buy this product: I would if I saw it on sale at say, Shoppers Drug Mart.

Should you buy this product: Sure, as long as you're comfortable with the price and having to buy it online.

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