Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Joe Fresh Lash Define Mascara Review

The world of mascaras is a competitive one where consumers have their pick of some pretty great products. Joe Fresh's Lash Define Mascara is not one of them.

According to Joe Fresh, this product has a "multi-length brush" that "is designed to separate even the shortest lashes," resulting in "beautifully defined lashes." While the brush is multi-length, I didn't find my lashes to be particularly well defined. In fact, I found that this mascara had a tendency to be clumpy on its first application, resulting in stuck-together lashes.

My lashes did look a bit perkier and thicker thanks to this product but there are other mascaras out there that are better at adding curl, volume and length (like this one and this one if you want drama and this one if you're rich). And unlike countless other, better mascaras, this one didn't have much staying power. By the end of the day, I always had multiple flecks of mascara on my upper cheeks.

This mascara is also described as "water-resistant," a claim that I did find to be true. It didn't smear when my eyes teared up (from laughter) but it did wash off with just my regular face wash; no need for a separate makeup remover.

Joe Fresh Beauty can now be found at Shoppers Drug Mart. There, this mascara retails for about $10. Not a bad price for a mascara though I think it's more money than this product deserves.

Would I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: No.

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