Thursday, May 19, 2016

My May 2016 Topbox

My May Topbox appears to have an accidental theme: creams. All four items are essentially creams and while usually that would mean a boring box, I'm actually quite happy with the items I received this month. Only one is full-sized but the other three are unquestionably "deluxe-sized" and contain ample product for testing purposes.

Here's what was in May's Topbox:
  • Bioderma Sebium AKN Anti-Aging Resurfacing Purifying Care (full-size)
  • Bliss fabgirl Leave It To Cleavage (15ml)
  • Pur~lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF 30 (10ml)
  • Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (100g)

I'm not actually sure which item I'm most excited to try out. Maybe the Bioderma item. I'm quite intrigued by its claim that it, "correct wrinkles and imperfections in a single step." If this turns out to be true, I've got a new must-have product.

I already have a BB cream that I love but maybe, just maybe, the Pur~lisse one is better. It does contain SPF 30, which my beloved Garnier product is lacking.

The hair mask is a number one seller in Brazil but what impresses me the most about it is that it only takes three minutes. I think I'll be treating myself to this treatment on the weekend. But I'll give it a few uses before I review it.

Finally, there's the cleavage cream. I don't quite get this item but it does smell nice and I figure it can't hurt. I highly suspect though that I won't be noticing much of an impact from this product. Of course, of all four items, this is the one that's the priciest, coming in at $57 for a full-size, 100ml jar.

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