Thursday, September 1, 2016

Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Review

August has not been a good hair month for me. My highlights need retouching, the heat and humidity have been sapping the moisturize from my strands and my post-baby-hair-loss regrowth means an explosion of flyaways. In other words, I definitely have the "...dull, dry and frizzy hair" that Novex's Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is designed for.

Novex is a "...leading brand of value in Brazil..." and according to it, this product is, " enhanced treatment to restore smoothness and deep repair all types of hair." Using vitamin E and Brazilian Keratin Protein, this mask was to leave my hair "...with an intense shine and compliments from everyone around."

Given that this mask is a "#1 seller in Brazil," I had high expectations for it. I had hoped that it would leave my healthy looking like silk but instead it just looked like it had been soaked for a few extra minutes in conditioner.

At first I thought that maybe I wasn't using the mask correctly. The English instructions on the jar weren't that clear ("apply in slightly dry hair...let it take action for 3 minutes and rinse well") and I kind of guessed what they meant. So I turned to the internet for guidance and found out that I had to squeeze all of the water out of my hair after shampooing and then leave the mask on for ideally at least 10 minutes.

This new approach did result in a bit more silkiness and shine but still, it wasn't on the level that I was hoping. Again, my hair looked like I had just left conditioner on it for a long time. Yes, it was manageable and it was soft but it certainly wasn't getting me "...compliments from everyone around."

This mask has almost a goopy texture that also didn't impress me. However, the scent was better than I was expecting. I thought that this product would have an unpleasant, chemically smell but the scent is light, slightly soapy and completely pleasant.

Novex offers this product in several sizes, from 7.4 ounces to 35 ounces. All sizes are packaged in basic, open-mouth jars, which is not my favourite form of packaging however, it does keep costs low. On the Novex website, the 7.4 ounce jar retails for 6.99 (I assume that's in US dollars) while the biggest size is only $17. While I was able to find this product on several other online retailers, I have not seen it in a real-world store.

Would I buy this product: No, it just didn't wow me.

Should you buy this product:
Nah, it's no different than a high quality conditioner.

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