Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Spark Sessions 2016 Conference

Last week Spark Sessions, "Canada's leading voice in influenster marketing," announced the location for its 2016 conference. Aimed at fashion and beauty bloggers, this annual event aims to educate its attendees on how to grow their online presence while also connecting them brands.

This year's event, which runs November 5-6, will be held out at the Ontario Science Centre, which is kind of a cool spot though also not the easier spot to reach. I have to admit that this location made me feel better about skipping this year's conference. I missed last year's because I was nine months pregnant; a perfectly valid excuse I think. But this year I have a few different reasons for not attending.

The main one is that I have a breast-feeding baby at home and to leave her for two days would be challenging (she doesn't take a bottle). But this isn't the only reason. The super-early bird rate is $199 and that's just too rich for me. In 2013, when the conference started out, that rate was $70. While I'll be the first to say that the $70 rate was a complete steal, a 284 per cent price increase in four years is a bit much (even if this event does have a great swag bag).

Finally, I'm skipping this year because I'm not sure if I'll benefit from the conference. This isn't a knock against the event — I have no doubt that those new to blogging and social media will get a lot out of it. But even though my blog isn't a success (due to my own laziness and unwillingness to self-promote), I do know quite a bit about this world and social media. While I can always learn more, I do worry that much of the content covered in the conference will be material that I'm already familiar with.

The organizers do post the seminars prior to the conference weekend so maybe I'll be surprised with this year's content. But even if the whole event was covering topics that I want to learn more, I still wouldn't be going due to the other reasons that I mentioned.

While I won't be going this year, you should go if you're interested in blogging, social media and online branding. Tickets are available here and they include breakfast, lunch, snacks and one very good swag bag.

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