Friday, August 18, 2017

Laritzy Undressed Liquid Lip Stain Review

On me the colour is closer to the tube than
the swatch
A big thanks to Topbox for introducing me to my new favourite lip product: Laritzy's Undressed Liquid Lip Stain in Pebble. I've been wearing this item almost daily for the past weeks and I'll thrilled with how it looks, how easy it is to apply and how I can easily transform it.

Until this year, I'd never heard of Laritzy. It turns out that it's a recently launched, US-based cosmetic company that, "...uses the highest quality skin-loving ingredients that moisturize and condition your skin at the same time." All of its products are, "cruelty-free, vegan-friendly" and " of parabens, BHT, BHA and phthalates."

Topbox initially sent me a lip liner from them, which I haven't really gotten around to trying. Then in July I received this lip stain. That box arrived just before I was headed out on vacation so I've only recently gotten to know my new favorite lip colour.

Attractively packaged in a durable, transparent plastic tube, this lip product is easily applied thanks to its slightly angled sponge brush that let me literally paint my mouth. With its "velvet matte stain," this item is right on trend. It can also easily be made shiny by pairing it with clear gloss.

Laritzy offers this item in six colours that are mostly quite accessible (though I suspect that Deep Orchid is a bit bold for everyday use). Pebble is a muddy pink shade that is about two levels darker than my natural lip colour. On me, it's a super-flattering shade that is perfect for daily use. And while this product delivers a nice dose of colour, it's not heavy feeling and is free of any sensations of stickiness.

I do though wish that this product transferred less easily. While it does do a great job of literally staining my lips, it doesn't quite live up to its claim that it, "...lasts all day." I found that it had a tendency to come off on glass and slowly, but steadily, fade away. At least it's easy to re-apply.

The other downside to this product is that it seems like I can only buy it online. It retails on its website for $20 US, which is a completely fair price for this lip stain. Maybe Sephora will start carrying it soon.

Would I buy this product: Yes!

Should you buy this product: Yes!

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